Covid-19 forces political decision-makers to make more and more drastic decisions in the tightrope walk between freedom and restrictive measures. Unfortunately, among these decisions are many restrictions for restaurateurs. 

In just a few days, with even fewer people, we have set up a small platform to help immediately. 

soligastro.org will not solve problems holistically. It will need gastronomic creativity, political help and the closest possible end of this exceptional situation if we want to look at the same gastronomic diversity in a few months as in 2019. 

Nevertheless, we hope to be able to give a little help with soligastro.org. And we are not only thinking about a possibility to generate additional income. It is also about looking ahead. It is also about not spending the day with discussions among hobby virologists but about being solution-oriented!

For consumers

On soligastro.org you can buy vouchers to help your favorite locations through the income crisis of the Covid-19 situation. Soligastro.org has no profit ambitions. Apart from possible costs of the payment service providers the money goes directly to the gastronomy. If your preferred location is not yet registered, feel free to send them to us.

For gastronomers

Register quickly and easily to be able to sell vouchers on soligastro.org. Unite your voices in times of crisis to make yourself and all other gastronomers more heard. Soligastro.org has no profit ambitions. Except for possible costs for payment service providers the voucher purchase goes directly to you without any fee for soligastro.org.