Help Gastronomers During COVID-19

COVID-19 is becoming an increasingly unpleasant companion for the beginning 2020s. Due to the more and more slackening public life, many gastronomers worldwide are already facing significant cutbacks on the income side. Should the situation really continue to deteriorate, various small and micro-entrepreneurs will be at least on the verge of existential threat. 

In order to bridge the coming weeks or even months, not only creativity in gastronomy is needed. It also requires the solidarity of those who can continue to rely on income, but who are for the moment not able to spend their money as usual in bars, restaurants and clubs due to restrictions of public life.

However, a quick and uncomplicated bridging aid for the gastronomy can also be provided from home by means of a voucher. On we do not only want to point out the upcoming challenges in the gastronomy, but also offer gastronomers the uncomplicated and free possibility to offer vouchers. is not a seller and makes no profit with the offered vouchers. Gastronomers can register for free on and immediately access a simple digital infrastructure that allows them to sell (digital and numbered) vouchers directly to solidary customers. 

Stay healthy and think of your fellow citizens. 

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